Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a grand holiday season and that, 6 days into the new year, people haven’t already quit on their New Years resolution! Surprisingly, I’ve lived up to the parameters of my resolution thus far:)


I have taken some time off from writing, but I will resume on Monday, January 8th, and I hope to have the final Cnut book ready for publication this summer. Additionally, I will still be writing my other books and those publication dates are still a ways down the road.


I will try and update more consistently and keep everyone in he loop. Thanks everyone for the support!


-Kyle Miller

Fall Approaching

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and I’m excited for the fall. I have been busy moving from Colorado to Wisconsin and getting settled, which has impacted my writing schedule. However, this fall, I have time set aside so that I can continue to work on and finish the Cnut series. I expect the final book, “Cnut: Ragnarok”, to be available next summer!

Additionally, I am working on several other projects, including a series on the Roman war with Germania in the 350s, as well as a modern fiction work (details to be revealed later on this work). I have about 10,000 words done for all three books I’m writing currently (Cnut, Rome, and the modern fiction book). I know I’m a little scattered at this point, but my plan is to focus on finishing the Cnut series this fall, and then working on the other two books simultaneously throughout the winter and spring.

I will update everyone again soon, and thank you for all of your support.

-Kyle Miller


I hope all the fans of Cnut are having a wonderful summer. I know it’s been a couple months since I last posted, so I thought I would update everyone. My progress on the final Cnut book has been delayed, but I will return to writing it soon. I don’t think it’ll be ready by December. I think the “Cnut: Ragnarok” book will be ready by next summer. I apologize for the delay, I know as a reader I get frustrated when authors delay books, or slow down, but I want to make sure that the finish to the series is the best it can be!


As for what I’m reading currently, Jim Butcher, a fun fantasy author. I’d recommend him to anyone.


Thanks everyone for your patience, and remember to leave a review on Amazon for me!

New Books

I haven’t posted in some time, so I thought I’d share some great reads. I just finished Conn Iggulden’s “Dunstan”, which was a great read! He was a medieval abbot who lived through seven kings of England, helping raise one of them to the throne.

As a result of reading this, I’m finally picking up Ken Follet’s (one review compared me to him) “Pillars of the Earth”. I’ve only just started, but I am loving it so far.

Thank you everyone for your support and please leave a review on Amazon for each book if you’ve read them all. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series thus far!


-Kyle Miller


Hello everyone,

I hope all is well as we near the end of February. The fourth and final Cnut book is going much slower for me, but that is alright. I’ll keep plugging away and make sure that the concluding book is as good, if not better than the others.

On a separate note, I’ve been reading quite a bit during my free time, including Jeff Shaara’s book, To The Last Man on the First World War, and all of Mark Lawrence’s wonderful fantasy books. I would highly recommend these if you like fantasy and I’d recommend Shaara to anyone who appreciates military historical fiction.

I will continue to keep everyone updated and please leave reviews on Amazon for the Cnut books. I’d greatly appreciate it.

-Kyle Miller

Working on the final Cnut book

Hey everyone,

First of all happy new year! I haven’t posted in awhile, but since my last post, I have sold books in a 5th country: India. I was very excited about this.

I am currently working on the fourth and final book in the Cnut series. If you haven’t caught up yet, below is a link to the third book on Amazon:


Thanks for everyone’s support and I’ll post again soon


-Kyle Miller

December 9 release date

Well Cnut: Revenge of a Viking Warrior is almost here. The release date is December 9, 2016, and you can pre-order the Kindle edition now via the following link:


I have started on the fourth and final book in the series of Cnut, which will be called Cnut: Ragnarok, though there are endless possibilities for other novels involving other characters from the Cnut books.

Thanks everyone for the support and I will continue to update throughout the writing of the fourth book.

-Kyle Miller


I’ve received the manuscript back, now the editing begins. I must say, editing is nowhere near as fun as writing the story, but the final product makes it worth it. I should have the artwork soon for the cover and I will post that as soon as I get it.


I have also also started on the fourth and final book in the Cnut series, Ragnarok. I am excited about where this book will take the readers, but it will definitely be the toughest challenge yet, though I do enjoy a challenge and I love writing.

I hope all of the readers and fans of Cnut are just as excited!

-Kyle Miller

Cnut: Revenge of a Viking Warrior Update

It sounds like I will have the cover art in the next couple of weeks. Additionally, I should have the manuscript back soon so that I can make revisions and edits! I have started working on the fourth and final book in the Cnut series.

On a separate note, I am loving the Conn Iggulden series on the War of the Roses. I know Cornwell’s next book in his Viking series is coming out this week in England and I’ll be ordering a copy of that to read next!

I hope everyone is looking forward to the upcoming Cnut book; I will upload the cover as soon as I have it available

Take care.

Kyle Miller