I hope the new year has been treating everyone well. I can’t believe it’s already near the end of February. I have been quite busy reading and writing, and doing everything a dad and husband should do.


I have read around 15 books to start the year off, and I have to say I enjoyed Phillip Pullman’s “La Belle Sauvage” the most and I would recommend it to reader’s of middle school age and up, especially if they already enjoyed the Golden Compass trilogy. The most disappointing book was Rick Riordan’s “Ship of the Dead.” It was a poor ending to an already mediocre series. I’m not sure I’ll pick up any of his newer books; instead, I’ll stick with the Percy Jackson series.


As for the Cnut series, writing is going well, but I must admit I’m working on other projects, too. I currently have seven stories I’m working on and the final Cnut book is one of them, so that’s keeping me busy! I remember getting irritated as a reader when authors worked on other stories and didn’t immediately finish the series they were currently writing. Now I understand! I want to do the Cnut series justice and not try and force writing, leading to a subpar finale. So when the inspiration comes, I drop whatever I’m doing and write, but I’d rather delay the publishing of the final book and have it be great. I don’t want to publish a disappointing finale in the series.


Thank you you for the patience and all of the support.

Until next time,

Kyle Miller