Fall Approaching

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and I’m excited for the fall. I have been busy moving from Colorado to Wisconsin and getting settled, which has impacted my writing schedule. However, this fall, I have time set aside so that I can continue to work on and finish the Cnut series. I expect the final book, “Cnut: Ragnarok”, to be available next summer!

Additionally, I am working on several other projects, including a series on the Roman war with Germania in the 350s, as well as a modern fiction work (details to be revealed later on this work). I have about 10,000 words done for all three books I’m writing currently (Cnut, Rome, and the modern fiction book). I know I’m a little scattered at this point, but my plan is to focus on finishing the Cnut series this fall, and then working on the other two books simultaneously throughout the winter and spring.

I will update everyone again soon, and thank you for all of your support.

-Kyle Miller