First Description

Dreams come true for people all of the time, but it always comes at a cost. Cnut, a Viking by blood, but raised in an English town, dreams of returning to his people. However, it isn’t until later that he realizes every deed and act has consequences. Cnut seeks to have his dream come true, the dream of becoming a Viking warrior, but there are many obstacles in his way. There are prices that must be paid for him to overcome adversity and achieve his dream. He must escape the English, fight off vagabonds, and raid the Irish. This is only so that he can reach the beginning of his journey. Follow Cnut in his quest to become a Viking warrior and experience the joy and pain he suffers along the way, as he finds out the price he has to pay to achieve everything. The question remains: Is Cnut willing to pay the price asked so that he can be a true Viking warrior?