“Legend” by Eden Lucas-Eraquam

I just had to share this with everyone. A 5th grade student in Denver, Colorado was so inspired by the Cnut series that she wrote a short story for her class involving Cnut. I am incredibly happy that my stories can impact others and inspire them to write. Below is the story “Legend” by the future best-selling author Eden Lucas-Eraquam
Once upon a time there was a girl named Er. She was a villager and then a jarl and this is her story.

PS. Er is a nice, kindhearted and understanding girl.

When Er was young she was a thrall for her parents. Her parents disapproved of her and were mean to her. Her dream was to be a shieldmaiden, but they did not believe in her. One day Er went to see the seer!
“I was waiting for you and visited by a goddess with a black dog named Angel, they spoke to me in my dreams,” the seer said to her. “Great things will come forth, just wait the gods have spoken.”

“What do you mean by, ‘great things will come forth, just wait the gods have spoken’?” “What do you mean?” She asked sternly.

“You will know when it comes child, off, now go!”

So, Er left, but she did not go home. Er went into the woods and made camp in a tree. Er tried to go hunting, but she was having problems. Luckily, she spotted a rabbit and attacked it. She went back to camp and started a fire to stay warm. She skinned the rabbit and started to cook it. After eating, she climbed a big tree and gazed at the stars until she fell asleep.

The next day Er went foraging for berries. After she went home to think about what the seer said.

“So you finally returned,” asked Er’s father, “how come you didn’t come home?”

“I didn’t return home last night because of this place. You are rude and I will never forgive you. I will make my own life.”

Er went back to the woods and ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, and ran into the deep woods. She didn’t stop until she was breathing heavily. She was lost.
“I’m lost, I’m lost. What do I do? I don’t know what to do. Think, think, Think…. I know!” said Er out loud. “I will make camp and tomorrow I will start my journey to Cnutton, it will take me about a day to get there.”

Er found a small stream and caught some fish it looked like plaice, flounder and a dab. She took the fish back to camp, made a fire, and went to bed by climbing a tree and gazing at the stars.

The next day she went fishing again and started her trip to Cnutton. It took her all day. It was a hard journey. Er finally reached Cnutton at dawn, there were fires started at the mead hall. Two warriors came by and asked, “Who are you?”

“I am Er Unfrid, it means the one who gives peace.”

4 Years Later

Er was 15 now. The jarl of Cnutton, named Cnut, took her in as his own. Er was going on her daily walk when she found a medium sized egg.

She was trying to decide to take it or not to take it. She looked up for the nest, but she could not find it. So she went back home and took the egg with her. On the way back Er was attacked by a big Phoenix, well the Phoenix attacked the egg, but Er fought back. Then she ran until she reached the mead hall and ran straight into her room. Jarl Cnut followed Er to her room.

Knock knock, “Come in,” said Er.

“Are you ok?” asked Cnut and Hild.

“Yes, why?”

“We thought something happened in the woods.”

“No, except that I found this egg.”

“Oh ok, what kind of egg?”

“Yea, just an egg,” Er commented.

8 Weeks Later

“Mom, Dad, hurry!” shouted Er.

“What honey?” asked Hild.

“Are you ok?” asked Cnut.

“Yes, I am ok, but look the egg it is hatching!” Er said excitedly.

Instead of a bird coming out of the egg, it was a little black dragon.

“I will name you Legend and I will always love you,” Er whispered in Legends ear.

To be continued…